Curious laws of different countries

Already are dictaminades for legislators, for consensus to the congress or imposed by the gobernadors of a determinate territory, exist in the legislative history of all the world a munt of absurd laws, fun or impactants that of so much in when jump until the pages of a newspaper, causing like this the surprise and the laugh generalised by part of the readers. Examples have for hundreds, but aqui want to show some of the more impactants with, like spanish law firm, the only aim to happen a good while and check to what extent is able the human being to put the leg until limits insospitats and go out airós without any ore of problem.


At beginning for one of these laws that had felt that they were valid does a few years, but nowadays more than amazing that anybody have withdrawn this law of the legislation of London. Result that to the capital of UK still is il•legal go up and do you of a taxi if it has the plague. Seem that no important that this illness have been erradicada to almost all the planet, that if you bearer of this illness contagious had to think twice the fact to stop one of these mythical taxis of the English city. Likewise, also it is forbidden that a taxi transport a cadáver or a dog with the anger. It is clear that would have to review this type of laws in London in order to put them by the day with the current times. To finish our stay in the United Kingdom, will aim that still today have urinate where she prefer, without mattering that it do it in public and among the sidewalk of the street. See to believe.

Another example of absurd law have it in France, where is totally forbidden to have a pig and put him by name Napoleón. Perhaps owed to that it did not want abuse the image of the military French, but the fact to determine a law to forbid put this name to a pig exceeds the limits of the lógica. Perhaps think that this action can result offensive for the more nostalgics can be a grain too many.


If cambien of continent and move us until the United States, also find laws and normative that leave us without words. The case of the state of Ohio, where is not allowed under any concept have a drunk fish home. We do not know well well to qué owed this normative, but perhaps in algún moment to somebody occurred him give him to his fish something to drink that it was not water. Or also we have the example of the state of Vermont, where a woman can not bring denture postissa if has a permission signed by his husband. A pity for all the big women that have husband and can not eat what want to for fault of this as unfair law.

These as only sleep some examples of laws that have neither any neither feet, but that they do us ask us if it would not be better to review of so much in when the normative of some countries in order to not doing this ridiculous rambunctious in front of the people that want to acatar the law of principle to end.